Jim is a Podcast Manager/Host/Leader/VO Artist who is the owner of What’s your Problem podcast. He is a Revolutionary voice in empowering business owners, musicians, influencers like Dan Hagen’s Long time friend and fellow University of North Texas Alumni, Nashville session player and Jason Aldean’s drummer Rich Redmond. Rich features elite Session drummers like Kenny Aranoff and Chad Cromwell on his podcast managed by Jim. Jim has a background in Branding in Radio, podcasts and understands the Value a Strong Voice can bring to the Free Market to empower individuals, businesses and local and international communities. Comedy and sarcasm is high in this aural journey as well as speaking about drumming and musicians perception of time as Jim is also a drummer. Welcome Dan Hagen’s Music City Revival’s new Podcast Director and Business partner Jim McCarthy and Camera/Recording Crew and life music Biz partner Sound Engineer/Video Recording Guru Mark Niemiec and new partnership with podcast Jedi, The Podcast Parlor. To many Fun and Revolutionary Adventures ahead.