By Lij Shaw

We won last week at the metro planning commission! Mark your calendar‘s for this Thursday 6:30 PM metro council meeting at the downtown courthouse. Join us for the public hearing to let Nashville know that you support home businesses and homes studios.

Save Home Studios In 3 Minutes Or Less – How To Contact Your Metro Council Member

I made a short video to show you how to easily and quickly contact your Nashville Metro Council member to show your support for home businesses Bill BL2019-48.

Watch the video here:


Find your Metro Council Member here:…/Metro-Council-Members.aspx

Or use the online contact:…/Contact-Council-Members.aspx

Want to make even more of an impact? Then please also contact the Vice Mayor and the five “At Large” Metro Council Members since they represent all of us:,,,,,

Do you have feedback and suggestions about the Bill? Bill BL2019-48 then contact the sponsor of the new bill directly:


Below is some helpful text you can use for your email or phone call


Please Support Bill BL2019-48 to allow Home Businesses in Nashville

–Email Body–

To: Council Member [Name]

I support Bill BL2019-48 which creates reasonable guidelines for non-invasive home businesses, that already exist now in Nashville’s residential areas, including allowing limited customers to visit the home.

I support this bill because [add your reasons here.]

From: [Your name and address]


Mark this important date in your calendar for the public hearing:

March 5, 6:30pm – Metro Council Meeting and public hearing for the new home business bill. (This public hearing is crucial to attend!):

Metro Council Meeting:…/Metropolitan-Council-Meeting.aspx

Check out the Council Meeting Details and share the Facebook event – CLICK HERE!

Thanks for being and action taker who makes a difference in Nashville!



Here is some video from the City Council meeting. Video queued to Dan Hagen Founder of Music City Revival speaking to Metro council on saving home studios in Music City. We need volunteers to show up to the next Metro Council meeting April 7th to repeal the ordinance making home studios and home based businesses illegal in Nashville, TN.


Here is the musical rendition of Lij Shaw’s testimony: