In most cities and counties around the country, the folks elected to run our municipalities operate in a veritable vacuum. By and large they pay no attention to the constitutions of their state or the United States and generally vote for things that raise revenues and grant contracts to those corporations that show up with some slick but unnecessary project, and pass rules that erode the freedom and liberty of the very people that have to pay for it all, in the name of “progress.” More often than not, they get away with these shenanigans because citizens and the press aren’t paying attention.

The easiest way to keep them in check is by simply showing up and letting them know you are watching them. The meetings are open to the public and they allow for public comment. Standing at the microphone and speaking up is essence of a “redress of grievances” that is referenced in the First Amendment. It is high time we exercise this right.

Here are links and dates for the upcoming sessions addressing the Home Studio Ordnance: Your support will show The Metro Council that this a real issue that matters to Nashville.

February 27, 4:00pm – Metro Planning Commission Meeting and public hearing for the new home business bill which would allow residents to work from home with clients:

Bill BL2019-48

Planning Commission:…/Metropolitan-Planning-Commissio…

March 5, 6:30pm – Metro Council Meeting and public hearing for the new home business bill. (This public hearing is crucial to attend!):

Metro Council Meeting:…/…

Next, you can call their office and/or send emails. Our elected officials are easy to find. Here are links to connect with them:

Council Members –

Council Member Contact Form –

Council Calendar –

Legislative Information Center –

Meeting Livestream link –

Here is a video to show how easy it is to contact your members: