Today, 11/11, marks 7 years since I went Plant 🌱 Based, quit smoking cigarettes and started working out like a Beast. A great friend challenged me to a 30 day Plant Based challenge and said you said you’re strong, prove it. No one ever challenged me like that before. I thought about it for 2 days and came back and said, I accept the challenge and I add quitting smoking cigarettes…  I had already done the research and had wanted to do a plant based lifestyle for a long time but this was the time. I took it. I called it “My Body is a Temple” 30 day plant based challenge. It is now 11 years since I started drinking Kangen water and still have not been sick in this time. My knowledge about Alkalized Water was so high it lead to my research and understanding the importance of an alkaline diet and that the combination would lead to optimal health. I was ready to become my full potential. Every time I wanted a cigarette, I did 10 pushups until I got to the point where I was doing 3 sets of 10, then 20, 25, 35 and eventually where I was doing 3 sets of 75 push-ups. I was Burning to Live and achieve my greatest health. I knew the musician lifestyle and being on the road was extremely unhealthy so I decided to be pro active in my health. To the best of my ability I decided to take full responsibility for my own health and become my own primary Doctor(Doctor Dan). Wisest investment I’ve ever made. What I’ve noticed is pushing myself to my greatest in my health has influenced every aspect of my life. I’ve learned I can overcome any challenge and take myself to the next level because I empowered my inner warrior. The warrior never gives up, reaches the goals I make for myself and has learned to have the ability to pivot and adapt to any adversity that comes my way and come out successful on the other side. 

I don’t think many people will take as radical proactive steps as I have for my health, but if I can inspire some to eat more veggies, consume less meat, exercise more, push yourself and drink healthier water, then not only have I helped myself, my sacrifices were worthy and drive me to continue to sharpen my own sword and shine my light even greater…. There is nothing that can stop me from achieving even my wildest dreams and goals.