Since my interview with Tom Woods on the Tom Woods show, countless Liberty and Freedom lovers and particularly Artists, Producers, Songwriters, Venue owners who are Professionals, Active, have organized meet ups and have already changed legislation tilted towards the arena of Freedom have reached out to me. Most of these people are in TN and around the Nashville area. They are reaching out to me to network, get organized and use our resources to actually change the world(most of these people already have) and take back what has been confiscated illegally and immorally from us- Our Freedom. This movement, I’m confident will be the leaders, movers, shakers and Music Business of the future because they actually understand what Business is. It’s a service and it’s Ideals and Models cannot be divorced from the reality that is the Free Market and the basic concepts of supply and demand (like the old industry has become). I’m excited, really excited for what’s happening. Tom is proof, Great Leaders don’t create followers, they create other leaders…. Oh, and the kicker is people are actually starting to follow me on Twitter. I’m new to the scene. The Tom Woods bump is real, folks….